Dr Steve Sims is an accomplished public speaker and would be pleased to hear from you if you would like to invite him to visit your organisation. Below are some suggested activities in which Steve would be pleased to participate.

Visiting schools to talk to students

Steve enjoys opportunities to interact with teenagers, whether in small groups or large assemblies. If you have read his blog on a particular teenage topic, or if you have a current topic you would like your students to hear Steve address, he would be pleased to discuss with you a programme designed especially for your students.

Workshops for groups of parents

Steve can vary his approach according to the needs of the situation. He will lecture on agreed topics, lead workshop activities, facilitate discussion amongst parental groups, be available to talk with individual parents – whichever combination best suits your group of parents.

Professional development days for teaching staff

Whether it be a day under a general theme like “Working with Teenagers” or sessions on particular topics that are current in your school community, Steve will lead professional development training activities for teachers from your school or group of schools.

Speaking at events

If you are planning a special occasion that requires a speaker, why not invite Steve? Whether the event is formal or informal in nature, Steve would be pleased to hear from you about your requirements for the occasion and the contribution he might be able to make to the proceedings.


If you would like to contact Dr Sims regarding any of the events described above, or any other type of site visit or occasion, he will be pleased to hear from you through the contact page of this site.